Practice makes Perfect! This applies to your brain too

Practice makes Perfect! This applies to your brain too

Have you ever wondered why do children repeat things, especially those they enjoy, over and over again and why they never get tired of repetition. Have you ever thought of the numbers of hours a football player has to practice playing football so he can become a "good" player? Your brain, like your body, needs a lot of repetition to practice a skill and excel at it.

Why does the brain need practice?

Because repetitions help strengthen the neural pathways in the brain and consequently what is learned can become a habit or can easily be used in the future. Also, when the repetitions are spaced out in time (like when practicing mental math 3 times a week), this boosts the memory skills that retain the information. Practicing a skill by repeting it over and over again applies to many skills like learning new words, reading, riding a bike, driving a car, playing a musical instrument, playing soccer, writing, singing, cooking...

Is repetition the same for all children?

Absolutely not. It is important to be reminded that children do not all acquire the developmental milestones and the different skills at the same age. Also, there are many children who are faced with specific challenges or disabilities in their lives. Therefore, many of these children may need MORE time and MORE practice to acquire a skill compared to their peers.